Introducing Player Edge, the new way of
becoming a profitable online bettor.

The world’s first automated card 
counting software is finally here.

Machine Learning Tech

Thanks to its machine learning technology, Player Edge’s card counting system is the first ever automated card counting software.

Blackjack EV Calculator

Player Edge gives its users an Estimated Return value of a blackjack hand based on the previous cards that were drawn.

Basic Strategy Helper

Highlights different decisions that a player should make based on the true count and the “Illustrious 18” theory

House Edge Player Edge

Turn the tables. If used optimally, Player Edge can finally turn your Win/Loss blackjack graphs green.

Understand your probabilities

Numbers don’t lie.

Strategy helper:

Never forget key blackjack strategy with the infamous illustrious 18

The illustrious 18 can be challenging for the human brain to memorize . That is why our game helper is there for you, highlighting decisions that differ from basic strategy based on the true count .

Game Rules:

One step closer to perfection.

Make your counting more accurate with our complex database on the expected return of blackjack hands. Depending on the type of game you play, the expected return of a hand can change drastically.

Ace Counter:

Ace Counter: The new way of seeing card counting.

Chasing after aces is the key to having an optimal Estimated Return in blackjack. With the help of machine learning, we don’t need to limit ourselves to only a running count anymore . Find out more about the ace counter

Mobile Application

Coming to android and ios soon

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